Private Coaching

Kevin Quinn private coaching is the very best of what one on one sessions have to offer. Kevin does not have a “one size fits all” approach to his teaching. Working one on one allows Kevin and his student to create an individual ‘toolbox’ specialized for the student’s needs and craft. Kevin’s private coaching is focused solely on maximizing the student’s individual instrument. The private coaching experience can, therefore, be more intense then group work. This type of study is very effective for individuals who are self-directed and ready to commit their energy and talent to the growth of their craft.

Kevin teaches privately at his home studio in Sherman Oaks, CA. Private coaching sessions may include individualized meditation and warm-ups, multiple vocal-physical techniques, audition preparation, character preparation and accent work. In special circumstances, with prior discussion and approval, Kevin will work privately with two to three individuals at a time.

For information on how to schedule a private coaching, pricing and packages please see contact info.