Group Classes


In the daily grind of living and working in Los Angeles, it is easy for actors to forget how to play. In Get Your Voice group sessions, Kevin Quinn creates a small, relaxed, and focused community of actors where play is encouraged and nourished, allowing the group the freedom to learn and grow in safety. Using an eclectic and extensive repertoire of vocal exercises, techniques, and movement, Kevin teaches students the fundamentals of excellent vocal production and clear speech. With a continuous emphasis on breath and release of tension, students learn and apply the lessons together. In beginning voice work it is vital for the actor to focus on how their body feels when following the exercises, to “listen” to their bodies, not necessarily to how their voices sound to them selves. Group work is amazing in that typically students can hear the results in their fellow actors before they’re able to hear it in themselves – they don’t have to rely so much on faith when they can see and hear the results around them.

In the ongoing format of Get Your Voice, students are offered a program of body alignment, breathing, opening and freeing the voice, resonance, range, articulation and continual text work, including a Shakespearian monologue.

Kevin teaches Get Your Voice Tuesdays at 1:00 Pm at the Electric Lodge in Venice, CA. Please see contact info for enrollment details.